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Motivations for my latest book

I was inspired to write this unusual book even by my standards after learning about the fate of a young actor/singer and star seed Zhang Zhehan who is blacklisted in his home country of China for something we in the US would consider minor.   As China is a very government controlled country, this is no small matter.  In addition to losing his successful career, his name was smeared in the media, in school books, in the government's civil service exams, he received death threats and is banned from ever performing as a singer, songwriter, actor, model and brandspokesman again.  

What was this dastardly thing that he did?  In 2018 he took a selfie outside a Japanese temple like millions of tourists do each year.  The temple is dedicated to Japanese war "heroes".  As a Chinese citizen, the China Performing Artists Association (CAPA) with the government's backing blacklisted Zhang for this labeling him a poor role model.  The results have been devastating for this young man and his fans around the world.   I became a fan of Zhang like many after watching his must-see 2021 Wuxia C-drama Word of Honor on Netflix.  Given his current circumstances, I thought: 

"How would I encourage Zhang if I were to meet him face to face? What about his fans around the world who have been devastated by this turn of  events?  What if Zhang’s earth mission is to go through this terrible crisis but also to overcome and rise above it as a star seed? How different would the outcome be?" 

Thus, the Wild & Zany Galactic Adventures was born.  It's a book about star seeds, soul mates, galactic travelers incarnating on earth to assist humanity, and includes many truths and wisdoms meant to inspire and encourage awakening star seeds everywhere.

I write more about Zhang and his troubles as well as how his struggles can inspire others here.

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Collaboration, Inquiries, etc.

Looking to collaborate on a great idea about starseeds? A BL story with a HEA that's inspirational as well as with the right amount of steam?  Reach out and let's chat! 

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