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Alain & the Duke Ebook

Alain & the Duke Ebook

SKU: 0001

Alain Tristan du Montbron, the 2nd Son of the Marquis d' Sevigne-Chambord, is in a hell of a lot of trouble. After spending a blissful night in the arms of his lover, the Duke of Atelier, he is on his way home when he is picked up by the king's forces. In his pockets the soldiers find evidence pegging him a spy in the ongoing clash between the king's forces and the Resistance that could lead him to the gallows. With his life on the line, Alain is forced to choose between keeping his visit and ultimately his relationship with the duke a secret or coming clean and incriminating them both to save himself. Will his love for the duke and loyalty to the man who stole his heart lead him to make the ultimate sacrifice leaving the duke to wonder what happened to his lover? Or will he redeem himself in this short novella by AE Kendall from the critically acclaimed Clash at Sea series.

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