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Latest series release!

Book 3: Ascend
The Star Seed Series
June 22, 2024

With Mission Everlight behind them where Zhang and Simon successfully assisted Gaia and humanity to ascend, the duo embark on new missions as decorated officers of the Galactic Confederation and Masters of Sensual and Sexual cultivation.

Finding themselves in the middle of several covert operations, the d uo meet with some of the multiverse's worst offenders, try to help the good folks still stuck on the 3D Holographic Earth, and even lend a hand to the Pleiadean Defense Forces on the fly while doing what they do best --cultivating. 


Dive even deeper with Sirian Commander Zhang & Lieutenant Simon and a ragtag support crew for more fun, laughs, steamy romance and all new adventures. 


Traveling the galaxy with Commander Zhang & Lieutenant Simon has never been more WILD or FUN!

Book 3 in the Star Seed Series is a nonstop fun, sexy, feel-good metaphysical sci-fi adventure like no other.

eBook Release June 22, 2024!

Print book Release June 25, 2024

Book signing event! 
Coming soon! 6/22
Light on Concrete Wall
BOOK 2: The Missing Chapters

BOOK 2: The Missing Chapters  (The Star Seed Series)

WARNING: Earth and the multiverse will never be the same! 

Two intergalactic BFFs with the galaxy at their fingertips, tasked with a mission to uplift humanity.

When best friends and soulmates Commander Zhang and Lieutenant Simon receive an important galactic assignment to incarnate on Earth and help humanity with ascension, the adventuresome and fun-loving duo quickly agrees to help. But from the moment their training for the earth mission begins – including the curious art of Pleaidean sexual cultivation – they quickly become obsessed with the practice and side-tracked with potentially disastrous results.


Incarnating as popular actors and models and brand ambassadors into the heart of China’s booming entertainment industry, and tasked with exposing the rampant corruption – the pair have their work cut out for them.  When Zhang falls asleep and forgets his assignment, Simon is left scrambling to salvage their mission and prevent catastrophe.  Their zany antics and chaotic misadventures are enough to leave their beleaguered team of spirit guides scrambling yet determined to help the pair stay focused long enough to usher humanity into a new age.  The first book in The Star Seed Series is a nonstop fun, sexy, feel-good metaphysical sci-fi adventure like no other. 

Dive into this wild MM romantic comedy adventure that’s bursting with larger-than-life characters, unexpected twists, and a pair of BFFs with a knack for getting into trouble.

Book 2: The Missing Chapters is the continuing steamy saga of their galactic and earthly missions and a lot of interesting backstory. There's plenty of action both in space and on Earth as well as in and out of the sack! 


“The Wild & Zany Galactic Adventures of Commander Zhang & Lieutenant Simon, Soul Mates who Incarnate on Earth and Save the World” WAS SO GOOD. From the title it already manages to attract attention and once you read it, you’ll be delighted with the story, it’s quite different from the ones I have read lately, it takes readers on an amazing journey through the cosmos, with a mix of elements of science fiction, romance, adventure and humor, which makes you unable to stop reading it. This book has definitely become one of my favorites, it was a surprise that exceeded my expectations."


~Amazon Reviewer Book 1~

* * * * 

"Zany Commander Zhang and Lieutenant Simon are at it again! Two soulmates taking us on their wildly hilarious adventures in both their true galactic forms and their human incarnations on ascending 3D earth.  Like Book 1, the courageous fun loving duo get into the most outrageous, sometimes life threatening scrapes, always managing to come out as our universally loved heroes.  This was a joyful wild read worthy of 100 stars! Definitely gonna read it again!"

~Amazon Reviewer- Book 2~

Book 1 of The Star Seed Series 

 The book that started it all

Commander Zhang and Lieutenant Simon are two easygoing galactic officers and soul mates from the Constellation Sirius assigned to the Mothership Athena.  After hearing Gaia’s (planet Earth) clarion call for help ascending, the duo decides to incarnate on Earth to help.  They come in as handsome and popular actors/male models and singers with a growing global fan base.  The mission is to reveal and take down the most corrupt and sinister players within China’s booming performing arts industry.  

Follow the duo's sexy, hilarious, sometimes harrowing, and highly metaphysical journey through space and time as they navigate 3D life on Earth as galactic officers, and traverse the galaxy in this high-vibing, steamy yet wildly funny, heroic, and daring MM romance novel about star seeds, their mission to assist humanity, and their journey home.




I'm Vegastarchild584.  I am a soul mate romance author.  I write in the M/M historical and Sci-Fi/Metaphysical genre.  I love writing about soul mates because soul mates are connected at the soul level and have a connection that goes beyond just this one lifetime.  Many soul mates have experienced many lifetimes together and have traveled the galaxy on many different adventures as partners, good friends, maybe even lovers on a journey of learning and experience.  Thus a soul mate is one who is most compatible with the way your soul is.  

Whether you are an avid reader, fellow author, lover of books, or just curious and stumbled upon my pages, it's good to have you on board.  Sign up for my newsletter to gain access to contests, inspiration, updates, freebies and more.   Keep scrolling for more info on my latest series,  reviews, my library and more insight.  And subscribe to my newsletter for free stuff, excerpts, author promos and more!

Calm Sea
The Star Seed Series


The Wild & Zany Galactic Adventures of Commander Zhang & Lieutenant Simon, Soul Mates who Incarnate on Earth and Save the World ~ Books  1 & 2


~The Wild & Zany Galactic Adventures ~

Amazon Reviewer 

"Wow! That definitely was a wild and zany adventure! The unique way each chapter was written was like fitting the pieces of a beautiful puzzle together....
I couldn't stop laughing over the antics these two got into, so hilarious! 
This book was a pure joy to read. I look forward to reading this author's next novel."

"The sex scenes in this book are seriously steamy! The author really knows how to turn up the heat while keeping things tasteful and intimate. You can practically feel the chemistry and desire between Zhang and Simon jumping off the pages. But what makes these scenes even hotter is the emotional connection they share – it's not just physical, it's a deep, passionate love that sets the pages on fire. It's safe to say; these scenes are not only hot but also incredibly heartfelt.

It's a story that's both deep and fun, and you'll come away with insights into healing and transformation. So, if you're up for a unique and engaging read, this book is a must! Can't wait for the next one in "The Starseed Series."


~Amazon Reviewer~


5.0 out of 5 stars Definitely one to read!!!!

This book has an amazing storyline of love and purpose., while having fun with all the multidimensional versions of the story. What a fun, interesting read!!! My favorite part is the writing style of the author she does an amazing job at describing the scenes as it allows the reader to feel and become one with the storyline. I truly enjoyed reading this book and I am most definitely looking forward to more books from this same author. Definitely one to have and read!!!

Amazon Reviewer

Clash at Sea Series

~The Quartermaster & the Marquis' Son~

5 Stars!  Beautifully Written!  ~ Amazon Reviewer~

~Alain & the Duke~ 

5 Stars!

This was a great story. I couldn't put it down. It actually answered the questions I had about Alain. It also was written very well and the chemistry he and the Duke have is wonderful. You can feel the connection they have towards each other. 

I would enjoy seeing more of Alain and the Duke in any future books in the series. This was such a great short read.

~Amazon Reviewer

The Quartermaster & the Marquis' Son

The Quartermaster & the Marquis' Son~

5 out of 5 stars!

A.E. Kendall is a masterful story-teller! I love how Kendall spun a love tale between two unlikely lovers. The drama that unfolds on the high seas is scintillating. The detailed interactions underscore how fate can provide plenty of opportunities for love trysts!! I can hardly wait for the sequel.

~Amazon Reviewer~

Dandelion Parachute Seed

Meet Vegastarchild584

My mission is to craft epic adventure and romance-filled worlds with interesting characters on a journey as bonded soul mates.  My latest books in The Star Seed Series are inspired by real-life events and written to encourage people everywhere.  The Wild & Zany Galactic Adventures of Commander Zhang & Lieutenant Simon, is a metaphysical sci-fi one-of-a-kind story, that is sure to make you laugh, blush, feel good, and perhaps think about the many gifts and abilities you bring to the planet. 

These books are fun, sexy, fantastical, and full of zany adventures and demonstrate what can happen when two loving souls cut loose and are determined to have fun.  More importantly, they demonstrate the deep love and bond between soul mates on a mission together to create a better world for themselves and humanity.  I invite you to join me on this journey and enjoy The Star Seed Series, a mission to awaken star seeds & soul mates everywhere, one adventure at a time.

Calm Sea

Clash at Sea Series

eBook Versions Available Here

In the Works....

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